24 August 2009

Ullr Party

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

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Thanks to everyone who attended our inaugural Ullr Party. We can't wait to have it again next year. We hope to keep evolving it over time. Eventually including a large fire and maybe burning something in effigy...who knows - we want it to be as much fun as possible. Hmmm, maybe someday we will own a hottub.

This year the menu included homemade chili with all the fixings (even home-baked cornbread!) It had several compliments, so I think I did an acceptable job on the huge batch of chili! Each year will feature some sort of yummy one-pot meal offering, ski flicks and some sort of activity. We viewed Warren Miller's "Cold Fusion" and Greg Stump's "The Blizzard of AAHHH's." Oh yeah, and some select portions of "Hot Dog - The Movie" - though we missed the booby scenes (a favorite of the fellas.) Maybe next year? A few rounds of pool were had - next year you better bring you pool skills - you have been challenged! We even got in just a little ski tuning (Ivan loves to mess with skis - so get your bribes ready for next season!)

We would ALWAYS like to have a toast to snow and winter. This year it was anything you wanted but the brave ones partook of the Ullr (it is an interesting libation...) Someday, we would like to provide beverages ourselves - but thanks to everyone for contributing their own efforts this year! (Ooooh and y'all should have tasted the delectable dessert that one of our esteemed guests made and brought to tempt everyone!) So keep alert for next years party - 'cause only people who are NOT hosers, posers or whimps get invited! So if you weren't there this year...you missed out!!! (Those who come up and ski with us might very well end up on the "preferred list"...hmmm.)

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