14 August 2009

Organizing for Life

Organizing for life. I use this statement as a tag line for my business, Organizare. The face value of the statement is good, but my actual meaning is even better. When I organize I do it for life. More life. A more fulfilled life. What do I mean?

My idea of organizing means that life should be easier and more enjoyable after I am done. Tasks should be accomplished easier, quicker, maybe even cheaper. You might actually enjoy performing the task you have organized. You may find more time in your day, time to do the things you always want to do but are secondary to the other tasks at hand. You may find more money in your budget, because you aren't buying items you already have. You may be more inspired because your daily routine is a breeze and you can practically get things done with your eyes closed. Life is better. Life is organized. Organize for life.

I should probably explain a little about why I love organizing. All of my life I have been what you might call a disaster. To give an example of where I started (all the way back as a kid.) Yeah, I had been a mess for awhile! Anyway, I used to participate in lots of after school activities when I was in elementary school (surprise, surprise!) Anyway, my Mom used to come and walk us (me and my sister) home so she would often wait for us while we were in our activity. One day she went through my backpack. Yeah. She was not impressed. Nope not at all. The best way to describe what she found is, well, sedimentary layers of everything that had gone to - or should have come home from - school. Did I mention she was not impressed? Nor would I use the word pleased. A lot of things she never knew about were right there in the backpack of doom. I have come a long way.

It wasn't an overnight change. I was a procrastinator for most of my education. To be honest, almost all the way through college. But at least by that point I had given up trying to create sedimentary formations. It took a lot of bad things turning worse, rough consequences and a lot of sick stomachs to really move to being an organizer. Living on my own really helped too.

Today, I will tell you honestly that most of the reason that I am organized is because I am actually one of the world's most lazy people. Being organized saves so much time and frustration. I also don't function well in a certain type of chaos. I will absolutely admit and accept my weaknesses. I think more clearly and efficiently with clear areas to work in, focus on, etc. Basically, what I mean is you don't have to be perfect to be organized. So don't hesitate to be so.

I am going to open a new section in this blog where I will share some of my favorite organizing ideas with you, as well as, show off a few of the projects I have done (to give you an idea of what I do and what you too can have in your life!) I hope that you will find some of what I share useful and that maybe you will be inspired to try some of the ideas out in your own home, office, car, anywhere! Yet one more way to live a beautiful life!

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