24 August 2009

Race Review

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

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First let me say - it was a blast!! What a lot of fun! There were so many good points to the day. So many people to watch, so many great athletes, beautiful setting, perfect weather...I could go on and on!!

Here is the run down:

Breakfast burritos were super yummy (special thanks to my chef.)
Parking was free.
Shuttle was free.
Granola bars were free.
The event was free.
The sun was warm.
The snow was cold.
The turkey sandwiches were tasty.
The racers were awesome.
The view was perfect.
The people were entertaining.
More granola bars were free.
Beaver Creek base area was worth it.
Yeah - it was all good!

Okay, seriously. The whole thing really was a lot like the movies! And the spectacular finish was right on par! The last race was a real pulse booster! It came down to the US with one last chance to steal the day and walk away with first place. Ted Ligety came out of the gates like his bum was afire! He flew down the course like a jet preparing to break the sound barrier. The crowd went wild (as they say.) He blazed across the finish line...alas one-one hundredth of a second slow. It was so exciting though that nobody minded that the Austrians went home with first place. And besides the Austrian cheering section (who just happened to be right behind us) was so excited you couldn't help but be happy for anyone of Austrian descent that day! They even sing - just like in the movies when they are happy. Americans riot - other people sing and dance when there team wins.

I didn't get to throw my granola bar at Bode (he was just a little too far away), but here's hoping that if he gets to represent the US at Vancouver that maybe he takes it seriously this time. He has a rare ability and if given the chance I hope he proves he can perform (as he has in so many other venues.) I loved the oompa band and being on the television as a spectator. I loved the diverse and entertaining crowd. I wish we had packed the thermose - next time for sure. I loved that we had skied the race course the year before - it really gives you a perspective on what the racers are facing and makes you almost feel like you are a real part of the whole experience.

I can't tell you how charged I am to get back up next weekend to make some turns. And how cool it is that Ivan ordered me race skis this season. (Though I know I won't be arcing them like Bode.) Next time there is a race I will be even more excited to go and be a part of the whole experience!

If you are looking for a fun way to spend a day or even a whole weekend, I can definately recommend a ski race (though World Cups don't happen every weekend.) There are still other races to see, "up and comings" to cheer on and crowds to watch! I would like to emphasize how much free there was going on. If you are poor like us - remember there are still things that don't cost a lot - but are really a great way to spend a day. And with a little forethought...you can cut the cost even more. The only cash that we spent was for petrol! So pretty much all you need to do is make the decision to go! See you at the races!

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