24 August 2009

Finding Inspiration.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Current mood: hopeful
Some days it is hard to find the inspiration. Some days it is hard to feel like there is a purpose. Some days just feel like they "aren't yours." Why do we have these kind of days? Why do we feel like we are so insignificant? Why indeed.

When I feel this way - I really wish I didn't. But I have found numerous ways to change my mood or at least get to the next day without having to resort to the pills so many people are fond of these days. I think one of the keys is to simplify. Let yourself have a day where you stick just the necessities. I am not saying don't get anything done, but don't add extra into the mix. Maybe even take some time to literally gather your priorities.

Make a hot beverage of your choice (I don't do coffee - but that it because it can add to the agitation instead of help it - but to each his own) and get a paper and pen (maybe even your favorite one.) Then sit down in a place that is inviting, comfortable (but functional - armchairs are not conducive to writing) and free of clutter (even if you have to just chuck it somewhere out of sight.) I try to keep places ready for just this purpose (even if it is just one place that you issue verbal threats to people who clutter it up.) This area alone can be therapeutic in its own right. Then take a moment, breath deeply and let go.

After a few moments of thinking of absolutely nothing in particular, start writing. Everyone gathers their thoughts differently - just start. Think of the one most important thing in your life - don't add to this thought - just the one most important thing. Write it down. Think of the top things (no more that five) you literally cannot survive without. I am not talking about cell phones or cable TV. I mean really survive. I mean food, water, shelter, your husband, your children. What if society as we know it collapsed tomorrow? What do you need? Write these and only these. Now sit back and think. In your day what do you absolutely have to do to obtain these. Just the very bare basics of what you need to do. NO DETAILS. Just "obtain money," "get food," etc. Very basic.

Then maybe you should stick to just these things for at least the day, maybe even a week or longer. Take some time to "just get by." Say no to invitations. Say no to the volunteer needs at your kids school. Say no to yourself when you think "I can get that done too." Just say no to the "extras." Live simply. But do the things on your list well. They are just basic, so you can achieve them without a lot of effort. Just let go of the extras. Just let go.

It is usually the "extra" in life that gets us down. I like to be busy and do a lot of things and that is not bad, but sometimes it is too much. It is energizing to pare away the extra once in a while and just focus on the basics and doing them well. It still get stuff done. I still have a sense of accomplishment. I still have purpose. But - I can handle it. It is like starting over without starting from scratch. It is a way of getting "a break" without the "break down." It is like a breath of fresh air. It is good.

Live simply. Live well.

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