24 August 2009

Skiing is glorious!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

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The sun was shining and it was a glorious day! Everything about the day was, well, good! We always enjoy the drive up; as we are never in a hurry and we look for new and exciting things along the way. Even if there is nothing of note, the view of the mountains is more than you could ask for while driving anywhere! And of course the usual breakfast burritos were very yummy! (Tip: Make a really large batch of breakfast burritos every few weeks - wrap each individually in tin foil, then store in plastic in the freezer. When you wake up in the morning to ski, just pop a few in the oven while you get ready. Then wrap them in paper towels and such to keep warm - pop them in a bag - voila - breakfast to go! I like to pack a little salsa to put on before I munch - gladware works great for this. Oh yeah, ALWAYS remember to turn the oven off!!!) We also add to the comfort and enjoyment of the drive by filling our travel mugs with a beverage of choice (tea, cocoa, coffee it that is your style!) Then the drive is half the fun of the day!

I have really come to enjoy the new skis Ivan bought me this season. The first day we skied them all I could think was, "These skis are not my friends, I don't really ever want to see them again." I didn't want to admit it though and kept trying. But on this last trip a new relationship was formed. I really think they pushed me to the next level in my ski ability. Now all I can say is "old school is the cool school." Next up: tight pants and a fur headband!

We had an unexpected guest on the chairlift. Well okay, he was under the chairlift. At any rate, he brought an extra bit of fun to the day! The fellow of whom I speak happened to be a rather brave porcupine. He spent most of the day traversing from one side of the run under the lift to the other. It was fun hearing the excited exclamations when someone on the lift would discover the pointy little visitor.

We decided to change things up a little this last trip and finally decided to ride the great "marketing ploy chair lift." Some people call it the Imperial Express. Usually, it is so exposed that those who ride it must enjoy punishment or something. Me, I am not going to ride a chair, just to be blasted with wind straight from...just to ski some crappy snow since most of the terrain it accesses is closed. The weather was conducive to riding in less pain (and all the terrain was open) so we headed up. We had scouted stuff off of peak seven previously and decided to head off to the right from the top of the lift. We dropped in from the "Whale's Tale" and down to the base of seven. It was a real rush to look back up, waaaay up, to where we started from the base! And the snow was better than expected. Adding yet another high point to the day! After eating our PB&J on a bench at the base (don't let them fool you - there is nothing actually open at the base of seven - even if they tell you there is a new base area) we headed back up to hit the t-bar and drop in on the bowl on eight from the top side. It also was better turns than expected! So a great day all around.

There are several more weeks of skiing left - so if you want to feel the power and exhilaration of the mountains - get off your...excuses and come on up! You know we are there every weekend! I know lift tickets are expensive - but where there is a will - there is a way! Check out liftopia.com (I haven't checked out the site - sorry) - your local grocery store, etc. Discounts are out there for those willing to look! Isn't it time to have a great weekend too!

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