24 August 2009

First Snow

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

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Last night we were all surprised by the snow that fell while we weren't looking! This morning we woke up to a bit more than initially expected! This was our first snow.

Most people wake up to snow and the grumbling starts. "Gotta find those darn snow boots" and "where's that winter coat..." Then there is the inevitable snow sweeping or ice scrapping. Grumble, grumble. To top it all off, this time of year it will simply cause mud by mid-day and then where are we at? Grumble.

But, just for today stop. Just for today take a moment to look at the pristine white canvas, look at the fresh and crisp landscape. Gaze at the leaves, still yellow on the trees, warming small patches in the view out your window. For a moment clear your mind, as clear as the blanket of snow before you. As you step out the door breath in the cold, crisp air - like nothing you experience any other time of year. Let the chill awaken your senses and start the day off on a clear and crisp note. Hold onto this feeling and make a space for it in your sensual memory.

Even though, perhaps, you are not a skier waiting breathlessly for every flake to fall or a youngster hoping for a chance to build snowmen and throw snowballs, you can hold onto this feeling and enjoy the snow just a little more when you wake up to that peaceful blanket of white on some crisp morning in the winters ahead.

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