24 August 2009

Joy of Glass Pitchers

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Current mood: thirsty
How often we over complicate, well everything. When everyday begins to overwhelm, I find myself seeking out the simple and pure. One of the most simple joys I have in life is a plain glass pitcher. I love to pull it out of the cabinet and fill it with cool, clear water. I slice just a few very thin rings of lemon. Rings always seem so much more pleasing and make the lemon seem so much more thoughtful. I float these upon the water so that they add a little excitement to the clarity of the glass and water. If I have a schedule for the day, I put my pitcher in the very front of the refrigerator, so that as soon as I open the door I will see my cool, clear water waiting for me. To pour a refreshing glass to sip and reflect upon the activities of the day. If, instead, it is a lovely day with no hurry, I like to set my pitcher on the empty kitchen table, with the sunlight beaming behind and place a clear glass along side. Ever ready for the moment I choose to taste the clarity held within. Live a beautiful life.

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