19 February 2009


I don't remember the first cup of tea I ever had, I am sure I was very young and that it was not actually tea per se. But, I do know that for as long as I can remember, I have had a fascination with the taking of tea. I love every detail surrounding tea and its enjoyment. Everything from the tea itself to the dainty napkins you might set on the table. The one detail that thrills me every time, one of which I cannot seem to get enough...teacups! I love them.

When we left our humble little apartment to take a step back, one of the few things I did not pack up to put into storage was a small china tea pot and our special china tea cups. The tea cups were a gift one Christmas from my mother (who happens to enjoy tea just as much as I do.) She had picked out two tea cups. One that she felt fit my personality and one that fit my husbands (who also happens to love tea.) We were delighted; and made a point to have tea out of these special tea cups on regular occasion. I will admit that, while we have a cup of black tea every morning at breakfast, we do usually drink from somewhat more utilitarian vessels - Irish coffee mugs. They are simply more capable of taking the abuse of constant use (and I can buy more really easy!) But on lazy weekend mornings we often take tea from our china tea cups. It makes the tea seem ever so much more important. I always seem to savor it more and contemplate life more gently.

I enjoy the china tea cups so much that I actually store (display) them on the dresser in our bedroom here at the house. They are like a symbol of how we like to live our life and I just think they are sweet to look at when I pass into or out of the room. They always remind me to slow down, think happy thoughts and enjoy the finer things in life (however simple they may be!)

I have another teacup that has found a home with us. It resides on our computer desk in the basement. It also serves as a visual reminder to savor the moment. It is the first in what I am sure will be a long line of teacup acquisitions. We decided that we enjoy tea so much and especially teacups that we would collect any teacup that caught our eye and just couldn't be left behind. This first one came home from Goodwill one random day. Others may be waiting patiently in the antique shop. We never know where our new additions may be hiding, but the hunt is half the fun. And when you have a large collection you are never afraid to pull them out and share them with friends. I always say, the best way to enjoy something treasured is to use it!

Just looking at the teacup next to me makes me want to go put the kettle on and settle in for a moment with my teacup. To take a deep breath and simply enjoy a moment of gentle reflection. To indulge myself in a beautiful moment, in a beautiful life. I think I will do just that...

18 February 2009

What am I getting into here?

After much thought I decided to start a "blog." I loved blogging on MySpace, but so many of my friends stopped using it. I broke down and tried FaceBook (to where all my friends had disappeared, I found.) But it is, well, boring. So I chose to find a new medium of expression and landed here.

Everyday, I try to grow and improve as a person. Everyday, I try to find something to appreciate about the day, no matter how simple. Everyday, I try to live a beautiful life. I tryste with life. (Yes, I know tryst does not have an "e" on the end. But the "e" is there for a reason. If you read my blog, maybe someday you will discover why it is there...) I love so many things sometimes I get far too much on "my plate." Hobbies seem to take up residence in my home when I am not looking. For many years it bothered me that I didn't focus on one thing or even a few things. After struggling with all my interests, I have finally come to terms with the fact that I am extremely eclectic. At least life is never boring!

If you choose to read this blog, I will share my life philosophies with you. I will share my hobbies with you. I will share goodness knows what with you! The topics are sure to be varied. The topics might be interesting! The topics may even be insightful. I make no promises or guarantees. But who knows maybe you too will find that you also "live a beautiful life."