18 February 2009

What am I getting into here?

After much thought I decided to start a "blog." I loved blogging on MySpace, but so many of my friends stopped using it. I broke down and tried FaceBook (to where all my friends had disappeared, I found.) But it is, well, boring. So I chose to find a new medium of expression and landed here.

Everyday, I try to grow and improve as a person. Everyday, I try to find something to appreciate about the day, no matter how simple. Everyday, I try to live a beautiful life. I tryste with life. (Yes, I know tryst does not have an "e" on the end. But the "e" is there for a reason. If you read my blog, maybe someday you will discover why it is there...) I love so many things sometimes I get far too much on "my plate." Hobbies seem to take up residence in my home when I am not looking. For many years it bothered me that I didn't focus on one thing or even a few things. After struggling with all my interests, I have finally come to terms with the fact that I am extremely eclectic. At least life is never boring!

If you choose to read this blog, I will share my life philosophies with you. I will share my hobbies with you. I will share goodness knows what with you! The topics are sure to be varied. The topics might be interesting! The topics may even be insightful. I make no promises or guarantees. But who knows maybe you too will find that you also "live a beautiful life."

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