24 August 2009

Living a Beautiful Life

Thursday, September 25, 2008

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Everyday of our lives we are bombarded with negativity. This makes me sad and disappointed. Believe me, I know that everyday is not wine and roses and that sometimes we have to let our opinions be known (lest we be trod to death by the ill-mannered, less than compassionate fools around us.) Yeah, I get the trials of life - they are there. Yet, I think that negativity is a suffocating cycle that many of us are stuck in. It self perpetuates, because being negative seems to be easier. Eventually, everything is consumed by that cloud of darkness and everything we see, feel or encounter is shadowed with that darkness. Life sucks (to use the vernacular!) Wait...life doesn't really suck or at least it doesn't have to. But we have to want to be different, to have a higher standard for ourselves. I have made a promise to bring light into my life and hopefully into the lives of others. I hope to perpetuate a better cycle - a positive cycle.

I like to think of each day as an opportunity. A chance to live what I like to call a "beautiful life." I want to take each day as a chance to do something that makes my life and the lives of those around me better in some small way. A beautiful life does not mean that you have to change everything you do in a day or that you have to go around like some fanatic seeing everything through rose colored glasses. It is about small changes and actions.

I think it is important to start with oneself. We must get to know ourselves better, to know some important things. Things like what is really important to us, what truly makes us happy, what helps us relax, where we find solace and peace in our daily lives, how we smile, where we laugh. If you really start to listen to yourself you may be surprised. So often in life we let society project what it deems important on our characters and eventually we hardly know ourselves, unique is just a word. Just for a minute try to block the "marketing" out. Feel who you are inside. Practice. Try to see situations with your own clear eyes. See yourself. Know.

Often when we strip away the "marketing" we find that we are a much simpler person. A person with fewer actual needs, deeper desires, imagination, passion, energy - A Spark! Life can be so much more simple than we ever imagined before...if we let it. And yet complicated enough to be interesting. You may find challenges that excite you and rewards that you can't resist. Pursue the passion in your life. However simple it may be. Try each day to bring joy into your own life. Even if it is brief (it will grow!)

Then something interesting could happen. When we learn, again, how to live a more beautiful life, it becomes contagious. You will rub off on those you meet everyday without even trying. And you might be surprised how joy can be returned. You know the saying about flies and honey...it might just be true! Don't get down when you encounter those people still living a less than beautiful life. They are still going to be out there. Just let it be. Life is so much simpler than they imagine and you know it.

I hope to share ways that I live a beautiful life and maybe help others find inspiration to live a beautiful life of their own. If you are interested - read my blogs - if not that is okay too! Have a beautiful day!

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