24 August 2009

Woodland has a Christmas Parade!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

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Well, okay. In reality they have a Christmas Parade every year. But on the whole, they barely resemble what most of us would term a "parade." Usually, what can be said about Woodland Park parades is that, well, they are...um...cold. Yep. Cold.

This year was an exception though. Well, okay. It was still cold. BUT! It was a really good parade. I would like to extend my hearty congratulations to the organizers for actually putting on a spectacle that was entertaining and had content!!! There were really floats!!! It was really great to see members of our community do something for a change! I was also knocked back when apparently the Ute Pass Historical Society supposedly entered. (I still think it was a hallucination - or I can't read or something. I have never met a bigger bunch of dead beats in my life. And I can say that - I was a member in days past. One of the few with any life in me at all.) There were really real floats. It was amazing. I really would like to pat the little kids who were soooo enthusiastic on the back - they really made me chuckle! "AND HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR TOO!" Too cute! I want to say to that I appreciate the people who - dressed up - the costumes you put the time into (or even rented - but put on) really added color and life to the whole thing! Please, please don't get discouraged - people really do like to see costumes!!! Let's see more of them!! Let's see new ones!! Let's get creative!!

I enjoyed the heck out of it. And I hope that next year there will be a repeat performance. (If anyone knows who coordinated the parade - please let me know. I would like to send a letter to them, letting them know how good a job they did. But don't burn "old tires" next year. k?) It would be nice to see this town get up and get in gear. Have something of value in this community! Today a good parade - tomorrow an "un-lame" Old Fashioned Fourth! So hopefully next year will be as good. And if you are looking to see a parade and you want to stand next to one of the most enthusiastic parade goers of all time - come on up! I might even pack a thermose of cocoa and some cookies!! AND I might even share if you have been a good boy or girl!

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