24 August 2009

Farmer’s Market

Friday, September 26, 2008

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One of the things I love about summer is the Farmer's Market. When I was working I would get a little down every Friday, because I would drive past all of the people setting up for the day and I knew some lucky people would get to go and purchase fresh produce and homemade goods while I sat in an office all day. Farmer's Market is so special to me because it is a throwback to a more simple time. It is a chance to slow down and feel like you are actually a part of a community.

Today is the last Farmer's Market of the season. I have already grabbed my basket and put on my favorite wool sweater so that my mother and I can walk to market one last time! For me it is part of living a "beautiful life." I always carry a basket because it feels nostalgic and it makes me smile. (Plus, it is good for the environment - no plastic bags!) It gives me a chance to live for a moment in another time and another place. I can imagine I live in a quiet village with people who live harmoniously and joyfully.

After the Farmer's Market today we will celebrate the harvest for a few more weeks and then it will be time to celebrate in other ways, for other seasons. There will be so many joys to keep me occupied. I won't be sad that Farmer's Market is over for the season, I will already have a little part of me looking forward to when the weather begins to warm and the days become longer and the Farmer's Market comes to life again.

So for today, try finding a little way to slow down for a moment. Enjoy the fall colors, breath in the crisp air, cozy up in your favorite sweater, or maybe walk to the Farmer's Market one last time this year.

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