24 August 2009

Halloween Recap

Thursday, November 01, 2007
Halloween this year didn't go unnoticed! We carved pumpkins, made popcorn balls, decorated the door and drank hot cider!! (Not all on the same day of course but some were part of the festivities leading up to the actual day.) We even had a dozen tick-or-treaters!!

I dressed up for work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday! It was fun - I mean how often do you have a legitimate excuse for wearing stipped tights to work? Monday I went semi-"gothic" with my burgundy velvet shirt, cameo earrings and black pants (cute for any day really!) Wednesday I wore a black dress with my black and white stipped tights. And on Halloween I went dressed in my 40's style red dress (although I am hoping to make vintage a part of my regular wardrobe!)

As part of our "preparation" for Halloween we watched half of the scary movies that have been made since the indroduction of the moving picture...it was so exhausting watching all of those flicks!! Actually, I was sort of disappointed with some of the classic scary flicks...quite frankly The Exorcist wasn't as scary as I expected and I found the plot lacking. And Poltergeist was entertaining but not scary. Oh well, maybe I find the idea of each plot subject more scary than the movies themselves.

Anyway, Halloween was a good time this year - more to come next year. And watch out for when we have a house - some creepy parties are in order - so start preparing for some exciting costume parties!! Hope everyone else enjoyed All Hallows Eve as much as I did - I know my Mom did - she had the best Halloween walk set up in her driveway (you should have seen it - plus she was the coolest witch in the neighborhood!!) Yay for everyone who remembered to have fun this Halloween!

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