08 May 2009

Laundry Hanging Time

This was the first week warm enough up here in the hills to hang out laundry! And so I did!

I love to hang out laundry! It is such a calming sort of thing to do. I feel good just getting outside for part of my chores. I really feel good when I think about using less energy and doing my small part to make it a better world. I am thankful that I live in a place clean enough to hang out my laundry. And I am glad that the neighborhood doesn't have silly rules against such things.

I even really enjoy using clothes pins. They are such silly little things that we usually take for granted. I mean, through life how often do we find clothes pins in odd places or use them for funny things like holding chip bags closed. Though, I must say - they do a much better job than most of those chip bag specific clips! I like the good old fashioned wood ones, especially after you have used them so many times that they get that smooth feel to them. I also love when you find the cute little, crafty bags people have made or received to hold their clothes pins in on the line. Such a throw back to a time gone by, hanging clothes on the line.

It tickles me happy when I am walking somewhere and I see where someone else still chooses to hang out their clothes. I feel like they are probably someone I could get along with, a kindred spirit. Even if we may never meet. I know many people are unable to hang out clothes due to silly HOA rules or sadly the level of pollution. I am truly sorry they don't have the opportunity to enjoy laundry dried by the breeze and warmed in the sunshine. It is truly and peaceful smell.

Some environmental thoughts for the day. Hang drying your laundry uses less energy. You don't even have to have a clothes line - there are many wonderful folding laundry-hanging units on the market! You don't even have to have an outside! You can set up a folding unit in your house!! And finally, you may be able to use fewer nasty chemicals - UV is great for killing groady stuff and for getting your whites whiter! Just don't leave your laundry out toooooo long!! And best of all you cannot beat the smell of line dried laundry, no matter what the scent of your detergent! Happy laundry hanging season!

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