07 May 2009

The Forever Home Countdown

Two Weeks! That is what is left of our wait for our fuzzy little friend to join us! We have decided on a name and his little "room" is ready for his arrival! I have made a few more things to "cute" up his place. I will take pictures and give you a virtual tour of the "puppy nursury" as so many have called it.

We are so anxious to start training. We have read books and books on training. We have been practicing on all the dogs we know and are ready to get our little guy off to a great start! We have already made plans and arrangements for starting his socialization. If you have not yet been invited to a "puppy party" you should let me know how much you love puppies and would like to meet ours! So join us in our countdown to May 21 when our furry friend will make his journey to his mountain home!

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