22 June 2011

Blooming in the Garden - June 22nd

In honor of Summer, I am introducing a new addition! During the, admittedly short, growing season, I am going to introduce my blooming friends out in the garden. With the sweet baby, the garden got off to a slow start this year, but we still managed to plant a few things! With the rather dry and cold year it looks like it will be a challenge to make much progress, so let's see how things grow!

This week we have a rose popping open on the rose bush we earlier saved from spider mites. (At least we hope they are gone...) It is a new member of the garden family this year, gifted to us by a friend on Mother's Day at Phoebe's First Tea Party! It smells sweet and spicy, with the prettiest vibrant pink blooms!
We also have chive flowers on the chive plants! The chives are return friends, who were planted last season! I must say chives are so hardy that I might just grow a ton of chives, I mean they taste great on potatoes and even have pretty purple flowers!

Many other things are sprouting, but we will wait for them to get going before we meet them! Now if I can just get the dog to stop eating half the things I plant we might get somewhere with this garden thing! When more things bloom, I will meet you in the garden!

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